Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Day.

Last day of class.

Back in high school, the last day of class was usually celebrated with dangerous amounts of junk food and fizzy drinks that can render you into a diabetic coma.

I remember the eve before the last day, I would force my maid to fry precooked chicken cause God knows I'm too lazy to coat fresh chicken in crumbs. Go figure.

Those were the good ol' days. Days when the the last day meant no more exams, no more books, just hard partying *extended couch potato hours* and quality me time *sleep, sleep, sleep*

But now, the last day of class gives a whole different meaning.

We have exams to prepare for.

We have the new house to move into.

We have to bake in this insufferable heat while we wait for the results

Then we will have to return to our homeland to be fattened up again and further decreasing my chances of having a boyfriend... again.

I like me a challenge. :)Good luck to you all my darlings.

We can do this.

Oh, and I'll be on hiatus til' further notice.

See you real soon.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Facebook Addiction.

It all started with:

Then it continued with:

And it ended with:

Okay, perhaps I was a wee bit out of line.But he started it! *in that tiny baby voice that girls make that can drive you to whip out your belt and abuse them*

Facebook has become a platform for so many things now, backbiting, gossip, cyber bullying, dating, voyeurism etc. It truly is a social network, the pros and even the dark shallow cons that leer in the crevices of our society.

Well, I did more digging. And I discovered users express all sorts of emotions on this very popular site. So much honesty, a rollercoaster of flourishing teenage angst.

... And I can hear all of you thinking "No shit, Sherlock"

From jubilant happiness:

To terse bursts of anger:

From the sexually suggestive:

To the all inspiring:

From the ambiguous:
To the inappropriate:

From simple expressions of love:

To shameless bitching:

I love Facebook. Don't you?