Monday, February 28, 2011

Semester 5, Biochemistry Hell


Time for a little confession. Yes, despite the hefty prolonged time of not updating this blog, I haven't been filling my time with anything more productive than just lazing around, wallowing in self pity, more lazing around, travelling (Oh, Europe has not been kind of the wallet) and of course... lazing around.

I admit, most of the time I've been trying to keep myself busy, from my post you-know-what depression. I can't remember now how many hours I wasted joining inane activities, exploring every little crevice of Cairo, taking part in glorified social causes and last but not least, ample of hours on jamming, which performance got stopped half way through anyway.

And God knows, this semester is such a bitch.

I swear.

It's even worst than semester 4 head and neck curriculum, filled with a certain touchy-feely, borderline pervy doctor's lectures. Moreover, I was kicked out of HIS lecture in the beginning of the semester (cursed, no?). Maybe it was a sign. May-beh.

And I remember after the exam, telling Dr Salwa that the exam sucked cause it had TWO Histology in the essay exam. Dr. Salwa. Dr. Salwa Gawish. Also known as Professor of Histology of Mansoura University.
.... Yeah, it wasn't a good start to the exam either.

Anyway, results were released yesterday.

Of course there was a reason for my academic laden rant. And no, I didn't fail. So half of you can put down celebratory streamers and balloons. However results were so-so. Well, not so good.

Okay, they sucked.

The feeling is akin to plunging to the ground from unimaginable heights, and surviving. You are glad, to the highest heavens that you're alive, still breathing when suddenly, a searing pain pierces through your body. Then you realize that both your legs are broken, twisted to unnatural positions, bones probably piercing through the skin, and of course, it hurting like a bitch.

That's how it feels getting my results :)

Well, after a long lecture from Dr. Mum and hiding ze mentioned results from army-trained father (yes, I still fear being ass-whopped, even after 20 years of the no physical violence conduct) I should start doing better.

For one, I'm starting clinicals already. So a lot more work ahead. Patients interaction is rather vital, and well... I'm not the most likable person in the world. And all that self pitying I did, it was enough to fill a lifetime. And believe me, feeling sorry for oneself is exhausting.

To semester 6, I'm here to wrestle you to the ground and mount your head on my mantlepiece like a fallen stag as a sign of my victory over your coming challenges (I sound like such a dude). Imma see you soon, buddy.

And to semester 5
Hell is this way, thank you :)