Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Democracy Gone Awry

Today is the PCM's election day here in Mansoura.

Can you hear that chirpiness and glee in my typing while you read this?

Oh, you can't?

Good... cause obviously I'm not at all happy about this election

This shenanigan of an election have harrowed through many criticisms and scathing comments.
I shall not divulge furtherbut let me just say, in a time of crisis and call for democracy,

Not everyone stepped up to demonstrate their leadership and tolerance towards others

The election was done in the least publicized manner, a few forwarded messages on YM, petty fliers distributed among peers and a few announcements on PCM's website. I swear, if Mao Ze Dong and Stalin were alive, they would be proud of the almost camouflaged way how this election was carried out. Rather communist like don't you think?

And somebody pointed out that we're archaic, that we're outdated, that it's our responsibility to be thoroughly informed about these things, in any way possible. He went further as to label us cavemen just because we have better things to do than religiously scour through PCM's blog.

Yes sure, throw your responsibilities at us. Pass it around. It's a bloody ball isn't it, and this situation is a bloody game.

Your failure to create a buzz for something so vital to our student life here and you decide to put the blame on us for not being in the know? Shame on you for calling yourself a conscientious member of PCM.

Another incident was that some of the overzealous fanatics of PCM had deemed our petition *the one we created to protest against the hush-hush elections* non Islamic and considered this opposition an attack on the leaders of Islam.
Hmmm, I wonder...

In which verse in the Koran did God choose one more prophet after Muhammad?

So why the hell are you putting yourself on such a high pedestal?

Us attacking the election and forming the petition DOES NOT equate to attacking Islam. It's a rather bold declaration isn't it, to consider yourself a leader of Islam when in actual fact, you even mooting the thought contradicts with the teaching of Islam *the last time I checked, Islam didn't encourage conceited behaviour*

You holier-than-thou hooligans, I'm tired of listening of you whine and moan about how we do not conform to the you own self interpretation of Islam. Does that make us apostates? Enemies of Islam?
Of course not.

Just because we stall your agenda to rise to power does not mean we aspire to destroy PCM or Islam for that matter. As a leader, you should be able to comprehend the fact that everybody's view might differ from the other and this does not mean that one person's perception of the same idea is wrong. Do not negate something that contradict your ideas just because you're not comfortable with it. It shows weakness, pettiness and most of all, chauvinistic behaviour.

Just stop it.