Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Third Year, Baby.

My lack of a religious immediate response aside.


Goodbye facial nerves!
So long internal capsule!
Screw you corticobulbospinal tracts!
Burn limbic system!

*If I do turn out to become a neurologist or neurosurgeon, please don't bring up this post*

So, as (un)expected, I (barely) passed semester 4. Thank you God, seriously.

And thanks to everyone and anyone who's helped me through, lending me their notes, pushing me to study, inspiring me to make an effort and letting me copy in the exams (thanks AIMAN! :P)

I can already smell the wafting scent of satay roasting over red hot coals, hear the sounds of char koay teow being fried over voluminous,roaring flames and taste the very first bites of freshly steamed dim sum.

Oh Malaysia, how you will clog my arteries and leave me connected to IV drips and ECG machines by the time I'm 45

... But that's why I love you so much. Like a parasitic lover hacking away my health and money :)

I miss the tall buildings of Kuala Lumpur, all the rude yet sentimentally valued people of the Malaysian streets, the eternally air conditioned malls, the crisp image on the first Agong on our ringgit bills, the lush blend of cultures and the humid heat that makes Malaysia, well... Malaysia.

But most of all, what I look forward to is being with those whose voice and rapport kept me through times of utter distraught and melancholy,
With those whom I've turned to for support in times of obvious struggle,
With those whose words were never harsh,
With those whose love was never barren or dry,
... And with those whom have blurred the lines between family and friends.

It's gonna be good being home.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life's Mundane Moments

If blogging was mandatory law.

I should be hung upside down, beaten with a stick, and forced to sing Justin Bieber's "Baby" til' my lungs explode from sheer embarrassment from actually knowing that song.

In other words, sorry for the lack of updates.

Exams are finally over. Thank God for that.

... Too much information, Fikri.

Now, the image of you rolling on the floor from the throbbing femoral pain from the per said "kicking" is engraved in my mind. And me looking awfully happy watching you seethe. Oh well.

It was tough. But one should always have faith in one self and others...

I pray that everyone will pass, insyaAllah.

Meanwhile, in the present time. I have set up a new residency in the vicinity of my bed, drawing international borderlines and called it Nazeeraland, population: me. What's there in Nazeerland, you ask? Oh plenty.

There's endless supply of food (carefully placed in a plastic bag at the foot of the bed), permanent breezy weather (courtesy of a perpetually running fan), top of the line communication devices (the internet and my phone that's never out of battery thanks to the charger that also can be found in Nazeeraland), entertainment (YouTube, Facebook and movies on my hard disk) and last but not least, a proper plumbing system (sadly, I have to get out of Nazeeraland to utilize this, I'm not gonna soil my bed, thank you)

I'm the king of my own country. I feel good :)

So far, out of the 1,2,3... 6 days of holidays, the only fun thing I did was go to Cairo. Despite the fact that the vicious sun seared it's penetrating rays into the core of my bones, leaving me squirming in the heat, I managed to fill my time there with satiating amounts of food from Chili's (paid LE 150 for my meal, can you say 'WTF?'), a movie (Prince of Persia, starring my former homo hero, Jake Gyllenhaal) and a modest shopping spree (Two eyeliners, pressed powder and a sharpener makes Nazeera a very happy girl).

However, the joy was cut short with me coming home to the news that Baby's grandfather died. Even though I didn't know him, I've heard a great deal of him and he sounded like a God-fearing man, a loving father and just a gem a to be around. What a terrible loss.

InsyaAllah, you are in a better place.

And to Baby, be strong. Shoulders are aplenty if you ever need one to lean on.

On another note...

Emos, sexists, and pedophiles.

Everything that's wrong (but hilarious) about the world.

And yes, that last one, that's a children's book.

Anyway, I have to go. Laundry and more lazing around to be done. I know, I'm such a hardworking individual, I surprise myself.

See you around.