Sunday, March 29, 2009


I haven't actually talked bout something else BESIDES my menstrual cycle.

To less perverted things

It'll be difficult but I'll try :)

Still perverted?
Fine, let's talk about


Yes, today was my Semester 2 Mid Semester Examination.

What is that I hear you ask?
*yes, I have microphones in your bedroom, don't worry, I won't tell anyone about the *sounds* I hear at night*

It's an exam I have each semester, this is the mid term while the finals is in 7 more weeks.

And after that, you know what it means
*if I pass, get a scholarship, get my CAMERA, and tell everyone who doubted me "Fuck You"*

Home :)
So far, this is my track record

Semester 1
Mid Semester: 18.5/25 (Jaid or Good)

Finals: 70.5/100 (Another Jaid or Good)
The scoring are as follows:
85 - 100 (Mumtaz or Excellent)
75-84 (Jaid Jiddan or Very Good)
65-74 (Jaid or Good)
60-64 (Makbul or Pass)

So yeah, not exactly the dumbass I was back in school *pats back*

This is the scenery after the exam... filled with cries of




Those are my friends, Picka and Faisal. Picka's my housemate and Faisal is obviously not.

On another note, Faisal's Egyptian friend came and had lunch with us today at Nusantara.

And we were trying to figure out what's squid in Arabic.

And we were trying to EXPLAIN to him what is a squid in the first place.

And Picka said this.

"Ikh squid fi arabi?" (what's squid in arabic)

"Squid, sotong...? You know... FRIEND TO PRAWN?

Goes without saying Picka, stick to being a doctor.

Haha, sayang kau lagi.

Later people :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Argh... the wait is killing me.

It's been officially bout a month that I haven't updated this blog.

You know how I know *don't tell me cause I checked the date, believe me I didn't... too much hassle to look back into my own laziness :)*

My period hasn't come yet :(


Omg, you know what this means?

I'm gonna have to adopt!

My dad's gonna lose his lineage.

No little fat Chinese looking babies.

Nobody's gonna inherit my straight hair.

No kids with facial moles.

No one's gonna get my disproportionate eyes.

Or my height.

Or worst still...




Anyway, sorry for the late updates. I've been disheartened by the very few comments on my cbox :).

But since many have been egging me on to update, here I am.

Exam's coming, another 6 days to be exact.

To say I'm scared shitless is a total understatement. Being scared shitless is being chased after the kakak-kakak purdah *aka Malaysians-Pretending-To-Be-Egyptian- Ninjas* and I'm even willing to take that risk right now.

Our case for last week was about a homosexual man who contracted HIV.


Homophobe much?

Of all the people in this world, a HOMO had to contract HIV. Yeah, like a gay man is so promiscuous to go fuck around his other *most probably hot, well manicured/pedicured/with eyebrows waxed* gay brothers.

Arab, please.

Like there aren't HIV infected hussies waiting for you to put a coin in her slot
*you see what I did there, I used a EUPHEMISM for sex, I'm demure like that*

I'm ranting. Anyway, I just don't like labels. For example;

  • You have AIDS - Gay
  • You have syphillis - Slut
  • You have tattoos - Gangster
  • You ride a bike - Rempit
  • You like Mawi - Kampung *this is usually true, but hey... why label you when you already AFUNDIed your ass off :)*

Ah, I gotta go to the toilet. Till next time, see you again People-Who-Have-Nothing-Better-To-Do-Than Read-Ma-Blog :)