Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Way to a Man's Heart is...

Today marks two weeks of fasting.

Two full whole weeks of horrific, monumental traffic congestions everywhere at approximately 4-7 pm, two long weeks of hotels and restaurants hiking buffet prices to exorbitant levels, almost taunting the middle class with unattainable gluttony, two absolute weeks of amnesia stricken souhur meals every morning

You get my point.

As of every year, Ramadan brings things to the plate; some joyous, many not.

What I love about Ramadan is that, there is a greater appreciation for the smaller, often disregarded everyday pleasures. I can't remember the last time water tasted so sweet or how it feels like to savour shreds of meat like it's your last meal.

Yes, Ramadan is a blessing for the ungrateful.

However, there is one thing that irks me so.
So, general knowledge (or not being a total oblivious ass) has made it clear that we are to pledge to refrain from food, drink and other earthly vices that make us human.

Okay, that's relatively easy to do, I suppose.

Nevertheless, our behaviour and demeanour suggests otherwise.

I have bear witness to insane, monstrous drivers, honking their car-worths of battery life, restaurant customers with anger levels escalating to extremities, spewing abuse to workers, the violent flights of inanimate objects thrown across the room and other almost barbaric decorums of usually esteemed men.

Shame on you all.

God knows, our brains only work when there is an adequate amount of glucose in our system.

Anything less, we are governed by our stomachs.

When tired and hungry, it invokes the worst of us, letting loose the beast that has been simmering its poison within our cores. And once it's free, there's no stopping its wrath.

It was literally like watching the transformation of gentlemen to brutes, royals to paupers and elites to the common. But of course, who hasn't fallen victim to acting treacherously ridiculous in times of (can you even call it that?) famine.

But as revered individuals, we shouldn't stoop to being uncouth, flaring tempers and shouting disparaging remarks when facing just one of the many tribulations to come. We're not animals with carnal instincts, but humans with thought and rationale.

Surely, we've been taught better than that.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Okay.

When I was still a wee lass in high school, I was mostly the observer.

I was never the instigator in a fight nor was I the perpetual victim of teenage angst, well mostly cause the whole boy drama thing didn't really unfurl for me (go figure), which let us be frank, is the main reason why girls fight.

... And gossiping is excluded, cause well, everybody does it.
Even testosterone-raging boys.

Back to the point. From my 5 years of harrowing through all the melodrama, the theatrics, the peer pressure, I've realized something.

That one something I wish someone had sat me down and explained to me, would've saved me the melancholic heartbreak of growing up.

To the little younglings of this blog, heed this. I'm gonna try to hold your hand while you experience just the beginning of the surprises life has in store for you.

Just remember one thing that will always be the last spoken advice in every little predicament you're in.

It's okay.

It's okay to be that one person who's not in sync with everyone else.
You failed a paper? Single when everyone else is not? It's okay. Everything will turn out alright, you're seemingly eternal shame that has embedded itself within your core will fade away.

It's okay if you feel left out from your circle of friends.
Friends come and go, and your need to adhere to the most influential person you know too will vanish, displaced by a growing respect and love for yourself. It's difficult to understand now, but you deserve so much better.

It's okay to say no.
Your belief is what make you unique. It builds your character and it shapes your soul. And to lose that freedom, it'll be the biggest tragedy to befall mankind. Hold on to your stance in life. Never ever feel like you have to compromise yourself to be anything. Cause life is too short for you to live for somebody else.

It's okay to love and live.
What are the teens years without puppy love? Always be willing to take the plunge. Cause not taking that dive is what regrets are made of. And if you get out hurt and broken, don't worry. There's always someone out there who's gonna mend you. I promise.

Last but not least...

It's okay to laugh at yourself.
Seriously. Your pride will be the death of your juvenility and to bury your inner child will be a sad day to endure. Your cheeks might flush a bit, your story might be fodder for reunion dinners but it's a small price to pay for a good laugh and more importantly, a perpetual smile on your face and in your heart.

This is to commemorate me turning 20. The big two-oh baby. This is the part where usually people whine about being old and decrepit. But I'm not gonna worry too much. Why?

Cause it's okay.
Cause everything's gonna be okay.