Monday, October 26, 2009


In one of the many-I-should-be-studying-but-yet-I'm-here-utilizing-Facebook/MSN/Youtube/YM moments, I was chatting with my friend back in Malaysia and the topic continued to my friend finding one of her friends had already slept with somebody else.

"Yeah..he screws girls but it doesnt make him less of a friend to me =/"

"I rather not be friends with people who take sex so lightly."

"You can possibly tell me treat your guy friends differently after they'd screwed girls?"

It left a mark on me. I thought about it further. Pondering the question in my mind.

Would I treat them any differently?

Sexual intercourse should always be performed when a woman and a man are already under the sanctity of marriage.

Sure, you can say things like "you're so old fashioned" or "there's no harm in sleeping around" but I will not let the depravity of society these days change the very values our forefathers had fought with blood, sweat and tears to instill.

However, would you, totally on the fact that this person has fornicated, cut off ties with a person?

I come from a background where teenage promiscuity run rampant among our peers. I've seen couples kissing, deflowered virgins, guys boasting about their late night conquests, girls crying after being told that their pregnant, etc.

So, I should be okay with it by now right? This nonchalant attitude towards intimacy?

I still surprise myself by the fact that I'm still not comfortable with it.

Call me narrow minded, conservative, prude, whatever, but at the end of the day, my morals still are as concrete as the day my mum told me about the God's wrath towards adulterers.

My friend recently told me that he wasn't a virgin. He had slept with one of the many whores in his college.

I continued to entertain the whole conversation, laughing and making jokes when secretly, I felt sad that this friend that I trust had decided not the give himself to only one person, the one who he will marry.

Will I treat him differently?
Absolutely not.

Perhaps one of the reason is because I've accepted the fact that he's not a religious person early in the friendship and I already half suspected him of being a person who views sex as a casual activity.

However, it's the least suspecting people, the mummy's boys, the sweethearts, the angelic stereotypes that have imprinted themselves in your mind that will shake the very foundation of what you believe in.

I was also told recently that one my childhood friends had slept with her boyfriend whom she is now no longer with.

This girl was one of the sweetest, most delicate things I've ever known and to imagine her being this carnal lolita between the sheets is simply mindboggling.

I was genuinely disheartened for her, a feeling still lingering until today.

Had I been there, could've I stopped her?
Could've I been a better friend, a better role model?

Friends come and go. It's the things we do that will keep our memory alive among everyone we know. Do we really need them to remember us as the "whore", the "slut", the "player?"


Will I avoid my non virgin friends?

Will I love them less?

Will I be hurt by their actions?
Most definitely.

Will I pray for these people who have wronged God and themselves?


Sunday, October 25, 2009


I just got back from my presentation today.
The same presentation which had my knees buckled, my palms damp and lower lip quivering.

But it was

... Awesome

I honestly was euphoric after the whole presentation.

It was like waving the flag of victory after a war, like receiving a Nobel prize, like thrusting your hand in the air, declaring freedom for a generation.

Pure elation.

I can't thank my groupmates Muaz (who kept coming late :P) and Dina (who did most of the slides) more.

We did a good job and here's my standing ovation for you.

*stands up and claps*

And thank you to Aizat, Atiq, Azam and Aceng for letting me use your photos.
Everyone got a good kick from it,

You're all celebrities now...

Lagi la laku dengan juniors.

By the way, for those who wonder. First...

  • No, it's not an made up accent. That's just how I speak.
  • Sorry for not being very fluent and eloquent. I was rather nervous due to the lack of practice, but I hope my redemption comes from my (gila) expressive face and hand gestures.
  • Sumoh-king is officially my new favourite word.
Oh, and thank you to Pika and Dora for recording the whole thing

Dora, you did a good job as well, my hat's off to you.

Thank you to all who wished me luck and congratulated me after.
I really appreciate all the kind words.

A warm smile is so hard to get by nowadays.

Now back to the real life, PBL's to complete and notes to copy.

I have a LOT of work. See you all very soon.

Sumoh-King Hot Loves,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

20 Reasons Why I Love Mansoura.

I've officially beaten my past record of three weeks NOT updating. A MONTH.


Procrastionation is a very intricate process, filled with thourough thinking and the ability to just sleep for hours.

I applaud myself :).

You know what, I've been concentrating too much on politics, race relations, etc. and I forget what I'm really here for,


or to have fun, that's good too.

To those who might not know, this is my first EVER being away from home, I've never been to a boarding school (cause my parents disallowed me, not because I wasn't qualified, to you snide asses), never been away more than two weeks away from my parents and never done so without calling or texting them.

So being here in Egypt, for nine months, with horrendous internet connection is real challenge for me.

Even though this will be my second year in medical school, the strain of being away from everyone I love, my family, my friends and even my cats... it' still very strong may it be the first year or the last year of university.

However, when looking at the lack of filial presence around me, I've learned to be independent, socially adaptable and .

Back home, I have a maid that waits on me hand and foot.

When I say hand and foot, to the extent of each time I leave my room to go to the bathroom,
I come back and see that the bed's already made.

Bik, kalau baca ni Bik. Tolong bakarkan poster Cristiano Ronaldo saya Bik. Dua-dua, Tiga-tiga, yang di frame itu jugak. Tak guna punya Portugis.

Anyway, I was basically a very pampered child with no domestic skills, people skills, speaking skills and was probably the laziest person ever to have made a habitat of the sofa and the television.
I've decided to compile a list of all the the things that I have learned, what I have discovered and what I always look forward to when returning to the ravines of Mansoura.

20 Things Why Being A Student in Mansoura is Awesome

1) We have KFC
A little dry, a no butter bun, or chilli sauce, but chicken is chicken

2) We have a cinema!
That screens only Arab movies but hey, beggars can't be choosers

3) With all the derelict, you appreciate the little things in life
I was excited finding clean clothing today

4) Everything is cheap

5) The abundance of Arab food has forced me to learn how to cook
Yes Future Husband, you don't have to live off Maggie!

6) They have this night boat ride here, where a beat up boat takes a few passengars across the Nile
Pretty neat if you want to see Mansoura with all it's majestic dirt disguised in the dark

7) No nightclubs
So that you can STUDY! ...seriously

8) People are really friendly
..borderline harrassment! :D

9) You have a lot of fodder to laugh about
Arabs are just really funny people and they don't even realize it. For example, they see you and they say "Honga Bonga"
...our country's richer and more advanced than yours.

10) Weddings only take place at night
Cause they enjoy spreading the festivities by honking the night away not care if you have to study for the finals

11) Ruz Bilaban Ammu
Means Uncle's Rice and Milk Pudding. I would literally run from the 5th floor if I hear him coming.
That's how I appreciate my ruz bilaban.

12) Two gineh taxis
Compulsory walking is a thing of the past

13) Cheap medication
Doctors cannot dispense medicine here, so pharmacies are saturated in this area

14) People here knows MALAYSIA but not SINGAPORE!
Victory is OURS!

15) Nobody actually hates Americans
But maybe I'm just in the wrong Arab country

16) Roadside snacks are the size of a normal Malaysian meal
They're just really large people

17) The eclectic fashion
Let's just say there won't be a Mansoura Fashion Week anytime soon

18) They still sell sugar cane juice during hot days
Reminds of me the days when Mr. Yap would give us sugar cane sticks to bite on during primary school

19) Everyone is just so beautiful
Mansoura specifically had a very high Italian and French population back in the day. Most girls here have green eyes and blonde hair... but it's covered by their hijab of course

20) Malaysians... memang laku!
Despite how you look like, they have this weird fetish/obsession with Malaysian girls.
Believe me, you will get hit on.

That's all I have. I guess I have the most material to write when I'm digressing from studying.

See, one procrastinating sessions leads to awesome blog material.

See ya on another procrastination laden time.

Naz. <3