Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Blog

First of all,


My new years sucked.


We had a test the next day so I had to study. It was just Piqa (my housemate), Faisal (my friend), Shabby and Asadah (who should be porn stars instead of medical students :P)

It was sad really.

But Asadah was dancing to the music in her head and it was fun to watch. Even if we pretended we didn't know her.

Even as we walked through the streets, it was like these damn Egyptians didn't know that it was New Years...

just inhaling their shishas and making bombs (okay, KIDDING!)

Damn Egyptians

To everybody who are wondering what happened to my old blog. It's still there. Just not accessible for now.

Cause my dad found it. o_O

Yeah, my dad found my blog that is FILLED with expletives and teenage secrets!

Like one post where I was having my period and I felt depressed.

He had the NERVE to ask me about it.

so I restricted the access to it.

Sorry everybody.

Blame the 40+ year old man who googled my name.

Anyway, more posts will come. I PROMISE.

I should really start studying.

See ya.