Thursday, August 20, 2009


Does money really rule the world?

Let's investigate this question thoroughly shall we?

  • Why is Kim Kardashian/Paris Hilton famous?
  • What is it that makes our lips quiver with awe and admiration when we utter names like Lakshmi Mittal and Warren Buffett?
  • What makes Steve Jobs and Bill Gates such venerated figures that will leave an impression on the history of pop culture itself?
One word of course,

Money *and maybe a sex tape or two*

Since it's inception, money has been both beneficial and destructive for humankind.
Empires have been built and incinerated, economies plummeted into oblivion, filial ties torn just because of money.

People can be manipulated, bribed and silenced with money.

It is the very essence of our being, the significance of this world itself and sometimes even the only reason why people tolerate everything else in their godforsaken lives.


It's a common belief that when a person has money, he or she *trying to gender neutral here :)* deserves respect and adoration.

As the common rule has implied:

He who has the gold makes the rules.

We're now living in a world where a man's merits is not judged from his character but from the weight of his pockets.

It's a shame how a poor man is mocked for his poverty and a rich man is revered for his wealth regardless of his tactless behaviour when having that immense wealth.

Power brought on by wealth is a volatile one, people are under the illusion that with power and wealth, they pretty much can do whatever they want, despite however reckless he or her actions may be.

Money has even made it possible for extra-marital affairs to be somewhat excusable to the public.

"Probably the wife's not doing her job well, the whore"
"He's/she's working so hard, let him be"
"He's/she's already providing a lot for the family"

*I might be slightly bias about this one cause I think there's no acceptable reason for cheating on your spouse. None whatsoever.*

But honestly, I do not blame not even one of these people for acting the way they do.


Because it's us as a society that has popularized the perception that it's acceptable and permissible for anyone to treat us any way they wish if that person has cash in their wallet.

It's us, the yes mans, who have further nurtured their condescending behaviour, their cantankerous ways and their oppressive approach to others.

We fear their power, their money, when it's us that has brought this tragic calamity upon ourselves.

What if one day, we just stop?

Stop putting these rich yet antagonistic creatures on a pedestal so high up that you can hear God sighing with dejection.

Stop admiring these so called magniloquent tycoons when they parade their new flashy cars and another inane jewelry on their pampered fingers.

Stop tolerating all their nonsense and just tell them how it is, and live with the dire consequence that might follow.

Respect and admire those who deserve it, and not those who have bought it.

Till then, money will always be our ruler, our king, our religion, our God with the elusive promise that one day, it could be enough to keep us happy for the rest out our lives.