Sunday, March 23, 2014

Be Wary of This Heart

Be wary of this heart,
For it’s been trampled and abused
Can you see the pitted scars of yester ache?
The lashes of whips left by broken promises
The vestige of an untarnished youth, crumbled.

Be wary of these hands,
For they have touched unbridled yearning,
Kissed by calluses and fleeting ecstasy
Hands that learned to write love and wipe tears,
Hands that learned to keep a loose grip.

Be wary of these eyes,
For they are witnesses to tragedies,
Beauty and misery pool within its inner sights,
While mist cloud the corners of its folds,
Giving life to the waterfall of torment.

Be wary of these feet,
For they’re searching for an escape,
From the entwinement of sorrow,
They’ll take us away,
My hurting heart,
My bruised hands,
My battered eyes.