Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm going on a diet.


What made me realize this was the fact...."dude, it's already 2010. I'm 20 this year" Suddenly I'm reminded of wedding bells and lifelong commitment.

I want a man, damnit!

This goes against every feminist principle I have ever. Forgive me fighters for women's liberation.

Everybody in this house has a boyfriend. Every-damn-one.

... About 10-11 pm at night, when I'm studying like a nutjob, they're on the phone with their respective loved ones.

... Before an exam, they get encouragement from their boys while all I get is a phone call from my parents telling me not to screw up or to the streets I'll go.

... If they have problems, they have someone to tell them to. Any minuscule little detail that goes in their mind. I on the other hand have a friends who are too far away for me to burden my problems on them.

Dude, I want all that too!

Valentines gifts...
Handholding when I'm in a crowd *even if I'm like a foot taller than most people*...
Those"Blair and Chuck" moments that all those moronic couples are chasing after *it's a bloody TV show,people!*...
Someone to actually makes an effort when chatting.

Damn, I want all of that.

Gah, enough soul spilling already. Daddy, don't EVER bring this up. I'm your only daughter child and your happiness depends on my happiness. Thank you.

And to anyone who reads this, if you see me snacking or having a heavy lunch/dinner.

Tell me to drop the meal and stop!

It's time I change my life for the better.

I'm in the FINALS people.
For the Talent Show and the GMNSC Photography competition.
Go see the final photos at the GMNSC blog