Wednesday, April 1, 2009




Do you know how FAST a pit can form in your stomach when you hear these following words.

"Hey, the results are out today"

Oh fuck.
Exactly my very words.
Okay, not really-lah
But along those lines...
Haha, can't swear when chatting with people right?
They might think I'm this immoral KLite who thinks swearing is so cool.
Pfft, sue me.
Yeah, the results were released on Monday, a DAY after the exam.
Omg, I swear I wanna kill the idiot who thought it was a great idea to release the results UBER fast.
Ah, hope you eat bad noodles with bugs in it, you mean person! *sounds so girly, ewww*
Anyway, Picka, Fatin, Faisal and I along with Baby(my other housemate) and Jimmy (musyrif) went to the university at 9 pm.
This is awesome bit.
Supposedly, somebody told us that that university is open until 12.
We entered, with Fatin and I running in front until the top of the stairs when suddenly Picka (who was behind) was stopped by the guards.
We stopped for awhile, to listen to what the guards were saying to Picka, and soon, there was a group of people consisting of Faisal, Picka, Baby and Jimmy trying to convince the guards to let us up.
Mind you, Fatin and I were already top of the stairs.
So yeah,
You heard it.
We went all *Tom-Cruise-Like-In-Mission-Impossible-Not-On-Oprah*. So quiet, stealthily running to see our results
Just the two of us.
In the empty university.
My god, I felt how it was to be a criminal and it was...
So yeah, we managed to escape the guards and see our results.
I got 16.5.
a Jaid.
Well, that's what you get for last minute studying eh.
But nevertheless, still quite happy because well, it was a hard paper.
I would divulge the results of others but it's THEIR results, not mine.
Any inquiries, ask them :)
I'm going to bed. It's 2 am and I just finished my notes.
See ya again :)